The Hero Killer - Tef Poe

Tef Poe “The Hero Killer” now available

St. Louis native Tef Poe has just released his newest record entitled “The Hero Killer” brought to you by Overdose Entertainment. He teamed up with Trackstar the DJ on this one, and features production from ChaseTheMoney, Average Joe, and B. Money as well as local hitmakers Tech Supreme and Trifecta.


You can download the project from Live Mixtapes or The Smoking Section.

Matthew Sawicki mixed this latest release in Suburban Pro Studios’ Bruce Lee room. The studio was a perfect fit for this records hard hitting bass and cutting vocals. It allowed Matt to utilize plugins like Decapitator and Driver which offer a more artistic approach to mixing while pushing a polished overall sound. The monitoring system at Suburban Pro really shines on a release like this, dialing in the perfect mix of rounded, sub-punching bass alongside in-your-face vocals that carve through the music like a sharp knife. Mastering was also handled by Matthew Sawicki.

Tef Poe was recently featured on BET’s Freestyle Friday on 106 and Park as well as in XXL and The Source’ Unsigned Hype.