New feature: How To videos tutorials for ProTools

Starting this month, we are going to be releasing videos on our YouTube channel that will show you how to use Protools and some of the plugins we use in our studio. Our initial video is a tutorial on how to use Grid mode in Protools to synchronize your audio for looping and editing. This is an extremely powerful part of PT, as it allows you to record a chorus or hook one time, and then copy and paste that part through your whole song. This also enables grid based editing of music and vocals, so you can chop up and rearrange pieces of your songs creating entirely new arrangements.

Syncing a beat to the grid in Protools

The music used in this video tutorial is from the upcoming “Caveman Love Chronicles” from Matthew Sawicki & emcee Ser Lesson. You can check out previous releases from Caveman Chronicles at!

Check it out and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more updates! Let us know what you think in the comments.