At Suburban Pro Studios we specialize in music recording and mixing.
We can accommodate all of your audio requirements!

Choose from a service below to get started!


Our two studios can handleany project you bring through!Up to 24 channels of live recording available.

DIY sessions


Senior Engineers
Our most experienced Engineers.
Specializing in recording and mixing for music.
Radio edits available.


Music production, arranging,session playing, remixing. Contact us to learn more.


We can master your project and sequence it.Email us now to get started!


Radio Edits
Get your songradio ready. Email us now!


If you have any questions, you can email us at
Or give us a call at 314-838-4344!

We Also Do…



Saint Louis Recording Studios can accommodate just about any size recording. We work with rock bands, jazz ensembles, string sections, brass sections, hip hop groups, gospel choirs, and everything in between.



Our in-house production team, can provide a variety of services depending on your projects needs. We can create custom tracks from your ideas, or guide musicians to the best possible performance.



Wherever your project is now, we can help bring it to the next level. We offer vocal tuning, drum alignment, drum sample replacement, and a variety of ways to help clean up and organize your recording sessions.


Video Shoots

Suburban Pro’s state of the art studio look and feel makes it the perfect place to shoot music videos. We have worked with countless artists and video crews to make a variety of film shoots come to life.


Voice Over

We can create a perfectly dry acoustic space that is ideal for voice over work. We also have all of the high end microphones and outboard to give the proper presence your voice over needs.


Sound Design

Whether it is post production for film or a music track that needs a bigger sound, we can help bring to life whatever it is you hear in your head.