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Suburban Pro Studios was started in 2006.

Since then we have worked with thousands of clients on 10’s of thousands of songs. It’s been a great pleasure for us to connect with so many Artists over the years.

We work in every genre!

We specialize in Hip-hop, Rap, R&B, Pop, and all other Top 40 Music. Some of our Engineers are passionate about other genres as well. From Soul and Funk to Heavy Rock and Punk, we’ve got ears to put on your project.

More than just music!

We also have worked on numerous audio books, voiceovers, sound design, and commercial projects. We can get your audio on point no matter what form you need it delivered in. Reach out today!

This page lists just a few of the Artists that blessed our studio, make sure to send us a message if we have left you off!

What the Reviews Say

A very creative space, organic and comfortable as well. Great booth, phenomenal cpu and plug-ins. Highly recommend.


Everything I have recorded both video and audio at Suburban Pro has turned out exactly if not better than I wanted it too. Great team there for whatever your needs are and in my book they are the best studio in Saint Louis. Probably the best in the Midwest. I couldn’t record another album anywhere else but here.

Ser Lesson

One of best.Hands down. Professional work ethic and they always make sure sonically you sound great.

Official Rep

The folks at Suburban Pro Studios have proven time and time again to be not only the best quality engineering I’ve ever experienced, but also the most efficient. These guys really care about creating a quality product that they can put their name behind, and will always work to make sure you are completely satisfied. I haven’t had any reason to go anywhere else for all of my recording, mixing, mastering and viral video needs. They even have a huge green screen and create animated videos at the same low rate. Stop looking, go here.


This place is the ants pants! Or is it the bees knees? Either way its awesome and wholeheartedly recommend this place to anyone lookin to record anything!


I love suburban pro they have the best set up and the best quality in St. Louis

Albert Yates