Suburban Pro Studios, a St Louis Recording Studio located in South St. Louis, MO

Vocal Recordings: Rock, Rap, And Everything Else

Recording in a professional studio is a journey that transforms musical ideas into tangible art. The heart of this process often lies in vocal recording, where an artist’s voice becomes the emotional centerpiece of a song. This meticulous and creative endeavor takes place within the carefully designed walls of our studio, blending cutting-edge technology with a commitment to capturing the pure essence of your vocals.

The Pinnacle of Sonic Fidelity

Our studio is equipped with the finest tools, including the revered TLM 103 microphone, paired with Focusrite ISA Two and Universal Audio 710 preamps, as well as Empirical Labs Distressors. Our mic locker has options to help with finding the right chain of gear for your voice. These components work in harmony to ensure that every nuance of your sound is captured with unparalleled clarity and precision. We believe in the art of accurate monitoring, a process that guarantees each vocal inflection, from the softest whisper to the most powerful crescendo, is faithfully preserved.

The Vocal Booth: A Sanctuary for Sound

Our studio features an isolated vocal booth, a sanctuary that shields your vocals from external interference. In this space, your voice takes center stage, untainted by unwanted ambient noise. It’s a cocoon of creativity where you can pour your heart and soul into your performance, knowing that each syllable and emotion is recorded with the utmost integrity.

A view of the Upstairs Live Room

Engineering Expertise

Our seasoned engineers are your guides in this recording journey. Their role goes beyond pressing buttons; they understand the art of eliciting the best performance from artists. They know how to capture not just the sound of your voice but the story, the emotion, and the soul behind it. Their expertise ensures that your vocal recordings transcend mere audio; they become a narrative, a reflection of your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Creating Moments, Capturing Emotions

Recording vocals is about capturing moments and preserving emotions. It’s about turning lyrics into poetry and melodies into stories. Every breath, every pause, every crescendo – these are the building blocks of a remarkable vocal recording. Our engineers work tirelessly to ensure that your vocal performance transcends mere sound and becomes an auditory experience that resonates with your audience.

The Upstairs Studio Control Room at Suburban Pro Studios

Unveiling Your Unique Sound

One of the most exciting aspects of vocal recording is uncovering the unique timbre and character of each voice. While the microphone captures the sound, it’s the engineer’s discerning ear that highlights your vocal uniqueness. They use equalization, dynamics, and spatial effects to sculpt the sound, ensuring that your voice stands out, just as it should.

The Final Word

Vocal recording is more than capturing sound; it’s about preserving the artistry of the voice. It’s about encapsulating your emotions, thoughts, and stories in a sonic capsule that transcends time. In our studio, vocal recording is a sacred process, a fusion of technology and creativity, and an opportunity to turn your voice into an unforgettable melody. Your voice is your instrument, and our studio is the canvas where you paint your musical masterpiece.