Sycosis: Breaking Down Sync Licensing

Successful Sync Licensing: What We Learn From Sycosis

One of our favorite Artists at Suburban Pro recently posted an amazingly inspiring status on social media. Sycosis shared that his song “Brujita” had been chosen to showcase in a film called “The Last Man On Earth” aka “El Ultimo Hombre Sobre La Tierra”.

At Suburban Pro, this isn’t just a moment; it’s a testament to the growing success of our friends and clients. Landing placements for their musical creations in films and commercial works is becoming a familiar achievement, and these golden opportunities are commonly known as Sync Licenses. As we witness more artists weaving their sonic tapestries into the fabric of visual storytelling, it’s clear that working towards Sync Licenses has become a noteworthy trend among independent musicians eager to broaden their horizons.

The allure of having your music resonate in a film or commercial work is not just a milestone; it’s a bridge to a broader audience, a chance to amplify the creative voice that defines an artist. In this article, we’re delving into the world of Sync Licensing, exploring its significance in the journeys of artists like Sycosis, and unveiling the strategies that are turning dreams into reality.

So, whether you’re a seasoned artist or just beginning your musical odyssey, join us on this exploration of Sync Licensing—a journey where melodies meet visuals, and the resonance echoes far beyond the studio walls.

What is Sync Licensing?

A sync license, short for synchronization license, is a legal agreement that allows the use of a specific piece of music in synchronization with visual media. This visual media can include films, TV shows, commercials, video games, online videos, and more. The purpose of a sync license is to grant permission to use the music as a soundtrack to enhance the overall impact and emotional resonance of the visual content.

Key points of a sync license include:

  1. Scope of Use: The agreement outlines how the music will be used, specifying details such as the duration, purpose (e.g., background music, theme song), and any restrictions on its use.
  2. Rights Granted: The license grants specific rights to the licensee (the party obtaining the license) to synchronize the music with their visual media. These rights are often exclusive within a defined context.
  3. Compensation: The terms of compensation for the use of the music are detailed in the license agreement. This can involve a one-time fee, ongoing royalties, or a combination of both.
  4. Duration: The license specifies the period for which the rights are granted. This could be for a one-time use or extend over a more extended period, depending on the agreement.
  5. Territory: The geographic locations where the music can be used are outlined in the license. It could be limited to a specific country, region, or applicable worldwide.

Sync licenses are crucial for both musicians and media producers. Musicians gain exposure for their work and receive compensation, while media producers enhance the emotional impact of their visual content with a fitting soundtrack. The negotiation and execution of sync licenses are typically facilitated by music publishers, licensing agencies, or directly between the artist and the media producer.

Breaking into the Sync Industry

Entering the sync industry demands a strategic blend of networking, skill development, and unwavering persistence. To embark on this journey, one must first immerse themselves in the sync landscape, delving into its current trends and understanding the musical preferences sought for diverse media projects. This knowledge forms the foundation for building a robust catalog, one that not only showcases high-quality compositions but also spans various styles to align with the multifaceted demands of sync opportunities.

For Sycosis, this journey began as a decision to fully embrace both real estate and music. His commitment to releasing an album each year and actively pitching songs for sync placements became the driving force. The pivotal moment arrived when an email announced that his track “Brujita,” inspired by the film Desperado, secured a spot in the 2022 movie “The Last Man On Earth” (or “El Ultimo Hombre Sobre La Tierra”). Come April 2024, royalty checks would validate the synergy between his musical pursuits and the sync industry.

Yet, it’s not just about the music. Networking becomes the heartbeat of success. Sycosis attends conferences, connecting with other sync artists and industry professionals. His track “Worship” gained multiple placements, propelling him into the limelight and demonstrating the transformative power of sync deals in elevating an artist’s exposure.

The digital realm becomes a fertile ground for exposure, and for Sycosis, online platforms like Musicbed and Sync Licensing became instrumental. Submitting music to reputable libraries specializing in sync licensing extended these possibilities, allowing him to tap into established networks with active connections to music supervisors.

However, it’s not a solo expedition. Collaboration becomes a key component, especially with those who have traversed the sync landscape successfully. Sycosis’s collaborative spirit extends beyond his own success; artists featured on his tracks witness increased sync deals, creating a ripple effect within the sync community.

Practical considerations come into play too. Crafting instrumental versions of songs expands eligibility, aligning with the common requirement for background music without vocals in many sync opportunities. The nitty-gritty details matter as well; optimizing music metadata ensures that compositions are easily discoverable by those seeking the perfect sonic match for their visual projects.

Remaining attuned to the pulse of the industry is vital. Staying informed about upcoming film, TV, and commercial projects positions artists to tailor submissions based on specific project needs, a nuanced approach that can set them apart.

Ultimately, navigating the sync industry demands a blend of patience, persistence, and continuous refinement of craft. For Sycosis, it’s a journey where talent, timing, and effective networking converged, turning sync licensing into a powerful vehicle for both exposure and financial success. Approach the journey with flexibility and adaptability, letting the rhythm of music harmonize with the ever-evolving landscape of sync licensing.

Sycosis Lands

While Sycosis had been diligently working on sync licensing for some time, the true magnitude of his efforts didn’t hit until 2020. For years, he had been releasing stellar albums, each one a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft. However, it wasn’t until his track “Worship” went viral that the full extent of his impact on the sync industry became clear.

The song, featuring The Homie Chris (THC), struck a chord with listeners and quickly gained traction across various platforms. With its inclusion in video games and other media, “Worship” soared to over 1 million plays on Spotify, marking a significant milestone in Sycosis’s career.

The ripple effects of “Worship’s” success extended beyond Sycosis himself. THC, a collaborator on the track and a fellow sync industry enthusiast, also felt the reverberations of its popularity. Like Sycosis, THC had been immersed in the sync community for years, attending conferences and networking events to further his career.

During one such event, a Fresh Produce Beat Battle, THC surprised me with a plaque commemorating the achievement. The gesture left me speechless, realizing the magnitude of “Worship’s” impact within our community. Despite mixing and mastering the song and years of collaboration with Sycosis, I had been unaware of the song’s burgeoning success up to that point.

Reflecting on the journey that led to this moment, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride and gratitude. The success of “Worship” is a testament to the power of sync licensing, showcasing how talent, dedication, and collaboration could transform a song into a viral sensation with far-reaching implications.

Sycosis: Brujita

In 2019, Sycosis unveiled his album “Almost Cool Enough,” a dynamic collection featuring seven tracks that traversed a spectrum of emotions and narratives. From introspective reflections on the harsh realities of life to anthemic bangers chronicling the essence of Chicago’s South Side, each track offered a unique glimpse into Sycosis’s artistic vision.

Among the standout tracks was the third song, “Brujita.” Produced by From The North, this track stood out for its captivating storytelling and infectious beats. Inspired by the film “Desperado” starring Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek, “Brujita” weaves a lyrical tale reminiscent of the movie’s themes and characters.

The song draws its inspiration from a poignant scene in “Desperado,” where Antonio Banderas’s character teaches a young boy named Malito to play the guitar, only to discover later that Malito is involved in illicit activities. The line “Malito mane you cannot play this guitar” becomes a recurring joke between Sycosis and his friend Ant, serving as the catalyst for the creation of “Brujita.”

When Sycosis first heard the beat, he immediately knew he wanted to craft a rap song that paid homage to the movie. The decision to collaborate with Ant, his longtime friend, was a natural choice, as they shared a decade-long bond and a mutual love for the film. The album cover, featuring Sycosis and Ant standing in front of Ant’s mom’s house, pays homage to their friendship and the shared memories that inspired “Brujita.”

The lyrics of “Brujita” delve into themes of love, desire, and mysticism, painting a vivid portrait of a captivating and enigmatic woman. Sycosis’s verses showcase his lyrical prowess, effortlessly blending imagery and storytelling to create a compelling narrative. From references to mythology and pop culture to introspective reflections on relationships, “Brujita” captures the essence of Sycosis’s artistry and his ability to craft immersive musical experiences.

As “Brujita” continues to resonate with listeners, its impact on Sycosis’s journey in the sync industry serves as a testament to the power of storytelling and collaboration. Through his music, Sycosis not only pays homage to his influences but also forges his path, leaving an indelible mark on the world of hip-hop and sync licensing alike.

His post on Facebook from December 11th, 2023 really tells the story of its success.

Sycosis on Facebook

Today I have to closings on 2 listings. Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of me deciding to do this full time. But at the same time I decided to do Real Estate full time, I decided I would do music full time too. I decided that I would take the added freedom of not going into an office to force myself to release a new album every year and pitch more songs to tv and film #sync.

Today I got an email to tell me a song I made “Brujita” in 2019, landed in a film in 2022, and that my first royalty check from it will be in April of 2024. I say that to say, both of these are incredibly difficult to pull off especially by the same person in two different fields. As an artist we don’t get notoriety unless we are famous but there are famous people who cannot get their music in feature films. Salute to all the MULTI-HYPHENATES on the grind! #Rapandrealestate Erik Fourte Roberts Realtor x Sycosis

Creating with Sync Intention

When it comes to creating music for licensing, managing the rights to your work is paramount. This involves ensuring that every aspect of your composition, from the lyrics to the melody, is original and free from any unauthorized samples or copyrighted material. By crafting entirely original works, artists like Sycosis can navigate the complexities of licensing with ease, sidestepping potential legal issues and ensuring a smoother path to securing placements in various media projects.

The decision to create original compositions carries numerous advantages, particularly in the realm of sync licensing. By avoiding unlicensed samples, artists can bypass the complexities and legalities associated with using another artist’s work as a foundation for their own. This not only minimizes the risk of potential copyright infringement but also eliminates the need for extensive negotiations and attributions that often accompany the use of sampled material.

For Sycosis, collaborating with producers who share this dedication to originality is essential. Working directly with producers who prioritize creating entirely original compositions streamlines the entire creative process. It ensures that every aspect of the music, from the production to the lyrics, is tailored to meet the specific requirements of sync licensing, maximizing the potential for placement opportunities.

By aligning himself with producers who share his vision and commitment to originality, Sycosis can focus his energy on crafting compelling compositions that resonate with audiences while also meeting the stringent criteria of the sync licensing industry. This collaborative approach not only enhances the quality and authenticity of his music but also strengthens his position within the competitive landscape of sync licensing, paving the way for continued success and growth in his career.

When creating music for licensing, it is required that you manage all the rights to the work. Creating completely original works can easily be the best choice when it comes to making recordings with licensing intentions. By avoiding unlicensed samples, artists bypass many issues that other producers and artists face when building upon another artist’s work and the attributions that would be made because of that.

Sycosis exemplifies this approach by working directly with producers who share the same mentality. This streamlined process not only ensures the integrity of his compositions but also simplifies negotiations and agreements when it comes to licensing. By focusing on originality from the outset, Sycosis can maintain creative control over his music while maximizing its potential for placement in various media projects.

This commitment to originality and collaboration with like-minded producers underscores Sycosis’s dedication to creating music that is not only artistically compelling but also commercially viable in the competitive world of sync licensing. Through his strategic approach and meticulous attention to detail, Sycosis continues to carve out a successful career path in the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.

How Sync Licensing Impacts Artists Like Sycosis

As mentioned earlier, the impact of landing a sync placement extends far beyond the immediate financial benefits. One of the most notable ripple effects is the significant boost it can provide to an artist’s online presence and audience engagement. When your music is featured in a prominent media project, such as a film, TV show, or commercial, it not only reaches the audience of that specific platform but also generates increased visibility across various online streaming services.

For artists like Sycosis, whose music has been successfully licensed for sync placements, the correlation between licensing placements and online streaming metrics is undeniable. The moment a song is featured in a popular TV show or viral advertisement, there is a noticeable surge in plays on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and more.

This phenomenon can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the exposure gained from a sync placement introduces the artist to a broader audience that may not have discovered their music otherwise. As viewers engage with the media project, they are exposed to the artist’s music, prompting them to seek out the full song on streaming platforms.

Additionally, the association with a well-received media project adds credibility and legitimacy to the artist’s work, making them more appealing to new listeners. This increased visibility leads to a domino effect, as fans share the song with their networks, further amplifying its reach and driving up streaming numbers.

Furthermore, the timing of the sync placement plays a crucial role in maximizing its impact on streaming metrics. Artists often notice a significant spike in plays immediately following the airing or release of the media project featuring their music. This heightened visibility can lead to increased algorithmic recommendations on streaming platforms, further boosting the song’s discoverability and engagement.

In essence, the ripples from landing a sync placement can create a powerful ripple effect across online streaming platforms, significantly expanding an artist’s audience and enhancing their overall online presence. By leveraging the exposure gained from sync placements, artists like Sycosis can capitalize on this momentum to foster continued growth and success in their music careers.

Moving Forward

In conclusion, Sync Licensing presents a compelling opportunity for independent artists like Sycosis to showcase their music in various media projects, from films to commercials. Through Sycosis’s journey, we’ve learned the importance of managing rights and crafting original compositions to navigate the complexities of licensing agreements successfully. His story exemplifies how sync placements can lead to a significant boost in online streaming metrics, highlighting the immense potential Sync Licensing holds for artists in today’s digital landscape.

As Sync Licensing continues to grow as a field, it’s essential for artists to seize the opportunity and explore this avenue for exposure and financial gain. By understanding the intricacies of licensing agreements and creating music with the potential for global resonance, artists can position themselves for success in the competitive music industry.

But it doesn’t stop there. To truly harness the power of Sync Licensing, artists are encouraged to actively network within the Sync community and seek out opportunities for collaboration and exposure. Whether it’s attending industry conferences, joining online forums, or connecting with licensing agencies, building relationships within the Sync community can open doors to new opportunities and expand your reach as an artist.

Moreover, the journey doesn’t end with securing a sync placement. Artists must continue to leverage the exposure gained from these placements to further their careers. By capitalizing on the increased visibility and engagement generated by sync placements, artists can attract new fans, grow their audience, and ultimately elevate their music careers to new heights.

So, if you’re an independent artist looking to take your music to the next level, now is the time to explore Sync Licensing. Embrace Sycosis’s story as inspiration, and dare to dream big. With determination, creativity, and a strategic approach, you too can make waves in the world of Sync Licensing and pave the way for a successful and fulfilling music career.