A Y E . D R E's headshot for Fresh Produce Beat Battle

A Y E . D R E Fresh Produce Championship Victory

Every month the studio sponsors a beat battle called Fresh Produce… we have been a part of Fresh Produce since before it was named Fresh Produce! In 2008 DJ Who invited us to sponsor a beat battle that would ultimately lead to the winner heading to Scribble Jam Prelims later that year. After a great experience we continued to sponsor more battles put on by DJ Who, and after a few years the monthly battle Fresh Produce came to be. Since 2010 we’ve been bringing 8 producers to the stage every single month and having them showcase their art with our community.

Every six months we have all the winner from recent battles come back and battle it out to see who the champs champ is. Our latest event on January 5th was just one of those battles. We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to A Y E . D R E for his outstanding triumph at the January 2024 Fresh Produce Champs Battle! This victory adds another illustrious chapter to A Y E . D R E’s remarkable journey in the music scene.

A Y E . D R E and the Journey to Victory

A Y E . D R E’s journey into the world of music production spans an impressive 18 years. Influenced by icons like Dr. Dre and Pharrell, he has evolved into a melting pot of musical innovation. Having battled in the Fresh Produce Beat Battle many times in the past, the August 2nd, 2023 Fresh Produce battle showcased his prowess as he conquered matchups against formidable opponents like Rod the PHroducer, J2, and DJ Moe. It was during this battle that he secured his entry into the January 2024 Champs Battle.

The Battle of the Night

January’s Champs Battle brought together 8 of the best Producers STL has to offer and put them in one room together. Competing for $1000 cash as well as studio time and bragging rights had everyone on their A game. We had Prince The Prophet, Volume Speaks, Chike Beatzdwn, r1ver, A Y E . D R E, Phenom The Psalmist, Katarra and D. Professor all join us in the Gallery at Sophie’s Artist Lounge for a night full of beats.

The first-round saw A Y E . D R E face off against Phenom The Psalmist, who was the winner of the FemFest edition of Fresh Produce in October of 2023.

The second-round showdown between A Y E . D R E and D. Professor was nothing short of spectacular. Their engaging beats and captivating performance turned the battle into a mesmerizing display of talent, earning them the title of the battle of the night.

The Final Round Showdown

In the final round, A Y E . D R E faced off against Volume Speaks. Running four beats each, the judges found themselves in a split vote, heightening the anticipation. The crowd ultimately determined the winner with an SPL (Sound Pressure Level) reading of an impressive 118 dB, solidifying A Y E . D R E’s victory.

You can view the entire tournament bracket and see how the whole battle went on the Fresh Produce Beat Battle website!

A Cinematic Soundscape

A Y E . D R E’s unique style is characterized by a penchant for sampling epic orchestral and movie score music, injecting a massive cinematic feel into his beats. This signature touch undoubtedly played a pivotal role in his success at the Fresh Produce Champs Battle.

We’ve seen examples of this talent at previous battles and even in Melee on the Mississippi, a hybrid version of Fresh Produce that sees Producers and Artists teamed together to battle against other pairings in a 4 corner Fresh Produce showdown.

Round 2 Aye Dre's full battle beat for the Melee on the Mississippi the Fresh Produce Special Event

A Pillar of the STL Rap Scene

Beyond individual victories, A Y E . D R E has been a key player in shaping the STL rap scene’s landscape. His production credits for artists like TDubbO and contributions to AMG underscore his significant impact on the local music community.

What Lies Ahead for A Y E . D R E

With talks of retirement, the question of A Y E . D R E’s return for the July Champs battle remains unanswered. While the artist contemplates his next move, fans eagerly anticipate the possibility of witnessing a title defense and the continuation of his musical legacy.

In conclusion, A Y E . D R E’s win not only celebrates a momentous achievement but also pays homage to his dedication, creativity, and influence on the local music scene. We look forward to the next chapter in the musical journey of this extraordinary talent.

Congratulations, A Y E . D R E!