Matt McElwrath and Matt Frazier broadcasting at Red Flag

The Saint Louis Invitational 2: Broadcast Live

Working alongside Media Outlaws over the past couple of years has been an incredible journey for our team. However, this past weekend’s experience covering the STL Championship Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was nothing short of extraordinary. Being deeply immersed in the world of PPV broadcasts, this event stood out as a true highlight.

As we delved into the intricacies of the competition, we found ourselves not just documenting it but becoming engrossed in the intensity and skill displayed. Our role extended beyond mere observation; we were the architects of the event’s auditory landscape. Managing the live broadcast’s sound and curating the entrance and house music became a source of immense enjoyment for our team.

The Saint Louis Invitational 2 was broadcast live on PPV from Red Flag

For this particular event, we introduced the Pioneer DJM-S7 into our arsenal, a versatile tool that seamlessly intertwined with our workflow. With Serato Pro handling playback and effects, we orchestrated a symphony of sounds that elevated the atmosphere, syncing perfectly with the pulsating energy of the matches.

The heart of our operation, VMix, took center stage in our production setup. Its networked functionality allowed us to synchronize multiple workstations, creating a cohesive and centralized broadcast hub. This technological synergy not only streamlined our processes but also ensured a seamless and polished output for our viewers.

One of the most exciting additions to our setup was the debut of our new Heil RC-35 wireless capsules. The live setting served as the ultimate litmus test for these microphones, and they exceeded our expectations. The RC-35 delivered a rich, full-bodied tone that resonated throughout the venue, capturing every nuance of the action. Its exceptional ability to reject unwanted ambient noise proved to be invaluable in maintaining the clarity and professionalism of our production.

The fusion of cutting-edge technology and our passion for delivering top-notch broadcasts culminated in a night that was not just about documenting an event but actively contributing to its vibrancy. The STL Championship Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu became more than just a competition; it was an immersive experience for both us and our audience.

We look forward to continuing our journey with Media Outlaws, pushing the boundaries of broadcasting, and creating more unforgettable moments in the dynamic realm of PPV events.

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