Brett Gretzky mixing their latest at Suburban Pro Studios

New Brett Gretzky Record Produced By Ben Bounce On The Way!

Brett Gretzky had an amazing year in 2012 full of tours, performances, videos, and partying. That hasn’t slowed them up though. They’re hitting 2013 with fresh music for your ears, and new visuals to tease your eyes with. They’ve been in the lab this week working with veteran producer Ben Bounce working on their follow up to 2012’s self-titled release. No stranger to SPS, Ben Bounce has been producing some of the hardest hitting and most poignant records in the St. Louis area for over a decade. From grimey breaks, to powerful brass filled blasts, Ben’s sample selection is second to none, and his bouncey tracks provide an amazing soundtrack to the new BG record. A bit darker than their previous releases, the new album shows a more mature side of Farout and J Bomb, while still maintaining their party roots. While lyrically the duo is more on point than ever, the contrast to their last record might take a few listeners multiple repeats of the record to fully grasp the weight of their rhymes.

Mixing is being handled by Matthew Sawicki in the Bruce Lee room at Suburban Pro. By utilizing the full production power of the downstairs studio, this record is sure to be a powerful blend of aggressive mixes with layered vocal delivery!