Crows - Brett Gretzky

New Release: Crows by Bretty Gretzky

The Brett Gretzky duo has released their newest record, Crows, today. This is the groups first full length record and features all original production by beatsmith Ben Bounce. DJ Mahf came through and laid out cuts on the record, and the homie Steddy P even made a feature on the record. The record is available for download and streaming at!

The duo mixed this record in February and March of 2013 with Matthew Sawicki in the Bruce Lee room at Suburban Pro Studios. After recording at their home studio, they brought the tracks in to Suburban Pro to be matched with Ben Bounce’s tracked out beats. The mixing process took about 6 days from start to end, with the majority being completed in the first 4 day session the group had back at the end of February.

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You can see what the guys have to say about working together on the new record in the interviews below!