Gold Dollar Hen House Vol. 1

Suburban Pro favorites Tok have released the first installment of their new series of EP’s, Gold Dollar Hen House. They will be releasing a new volume every few months for the next year, culminating in a new album from the released material. Their first release showcases ripping guitars, driving bass, and powerful drums that get your body rocking! This is also their first release to feature an acoustic feature from guitarist Bryan Basler.

This new release was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matthew Sawicki in the Bruce Lee room of Suburban Pro Studios. The group recorded their acoustic track “Sliding into Misery” at Basler’s home studio in Festus and mixed at Suburban Pro. This release is unique in the fact that the drums on the record were recorded in two separate passes; one for the drums, and one for the cymbals. Inspired by the recordings of Dave Grohl on Queens of the Stone Age’s “Songs for the Deaf” it was decided that the versatility of separate takes combined with the ability to bring out loads of punch from the drums that would usually be impossible warranted the experimentation.

You can get Gold Dollar Hen House Volume 1 from Tok’s bandcamp site!