Video Release: Hunnet Shooters by M Dubble

Prepare to be immersed in the raw and unfiltered world of M Dubble with his latest video release, “Hunnet Shooters,” featuring Dock Cutty and Fameous. This gritty and captivating video is a preview of what’s to come from M Dubble’s upcoming mixtape, “Mr. Pyrex.”

Shot in the heart of South City St. Louis, specifically in the 3rd District, “Hunnet Shooters” showcases the struggle of hustling music and navigating the streets. M Dubble, Dock Cutty, and Fameous bring their raw energy and authentic storytelling to the forefront, painting a vivid picture of life in the streets.

As M Dubble hits the streets with this powerful video, he invites viewers to experience the hustle and grind firsthand. From the captivating visuals to the hard-hitting lyrics, “Hunnet Shooters” is a testament to M Dubble’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to telling his story.

Join us in supporting M Dubble, Dock Cutty, and Fameous as they bring “Hunnet Shooters” to life. Stay tuned for the release of M Dubble’s mixtape, “Mr. Pyrex,” and be sure to catch him in action as he continues to make waves in the music industry.

Hunnet Shooters - M Dubble feat. Fameous and Dock Cutty