Derill Pounds

New Release: cRAPtRAP by Derill Pounds

Our Oshkosh homie Derill Pounds has just dropped his newest release on bandcamp! cRAPtRAP is a 4 song record that was recorded while DP was working on his latest album. With production in the vein of current Trap records, this project showcases 3 producers work and teams their production with DP’s Gloom Bap lyrics. Derill Pounds does all of his own recording in Oshkosh, WI and then sends the tracks down to Matthew Sawicki for mixing at Suburban Pro Studios. Long distance collaboration can be difficult, but the pair handle the task with ease. Typically each mix will go through only a single revision before DP has everything where he wants it. This is where an accurate mix room like the Bruce Lee room at Suburban Pro Studios really saves time. By accurately representing the sound spectrum, our mix facility can highlight problem areas of a recording immediately and allow a polished mix to be delivered quickly and effectively.

You can download all of Derill Pounds records at as well as on his website!