Suburban Pro Studiocast

Suburban Pro Studiocast EP1

EP1 is now available in iTunes! Just got approved today!  Get it HERE

Suburban Pro Studiocast will feature artists from St. Louis and the Midwest, and we hope to bring new music to people while raising awareness about the artists in our area. We will also feature an interview with an artist in each episode to showcase their work.

Steddy P feat. Ces Cru – Steddy Persistence Part II
Fer De Lance – Giving A Reason
Pahzazz – Say Nothin
1221 – Garden State Anthem
P.R.E.A.C.H. – For The Record
Junior Smalls and the Criminals – South Side Lights
Raygoss feat. JG Gates – Preach
i-Disciple – Anytime
The Fufops feat. Afroman – Sweet Mary
Steddy P – No Matter How

We will be posting two episodes a month, so don’t worry if you didn’t make the first one… another is on the way soon!