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Freelance Sessions: How Do They Work?

Are you curious about booking a Freelance Session and how they operate? Here we will explore the ins and outs of Freelance Sessions, which are studio sessions booked by individuals who are not the studio’s in-house Engineers. Whether you’re a beatmaker, producer, songwriter, or someone seeking to rent a recording space, this article will provide you with the necessary information.

Booking a Freelance Session

We have quite a few Engineers that work out of our studio as a Freelance Engineer. They use our spaces for running their sessions and are able to utilize the equipment and studios as their own. Additionally, they have access to top-notch recording equipment.

You can schedule your Freelance Session anytime on our website at

After your Freelance Session has been booked and approved by the studio, we will provide you with the Engineers Guide specific to the studio you’ve reserved. You’ll also receive a door code to enter the studio.

Freelance sessions in our studio are easy to book and available 24/7!

The Engineers Guide and Studio Setup

The Engineers Guide serves as a comprehensive resource, explaining the studio’s layout and providing information on the patchbay configuration. Furthermore, it details the various gear available for your session.

Upon arriving at the studio, simply use your door code to access the reserved studio. The computers are always on, so you just need to turn on the screen and log in to get started. Rest assured, we offer WiFi access to everyone during their sessions.

Our studio is setup to run general recording sessions without the need to connect any of the equipment manually. A microphone is always routed to the default inputs and ready to record!

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Freelance Recording Options and Assistance

Feel free to use our space for recording on our system, or alternatively, connect your own setup to our patchbay and make use of our speakers and microphone paths within your own system. The choice is entirely yours. If you need guidance on selecting or configuring your connections, our Senior Engineer, Matthew Sawicki, is available to assist you in preparing for your session.

If for any reason you are not sure you would be able to run a session yourself, you can always book a session with one our Engineers to guide you through the recording process.

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Studio Equipment

Our studios are equipped with exceptional PMC TB2 reference monitors, paired with a stereo set of Focal Subwoofers. We employ custom-made Musical Concepts amplifiers that deliver unmatched clean and consistent power, catering to all your mix reproduction needs.

Each studio features a range of preamps and microphones, and both rooms are equipped with a pair of Distressor compressors at your disposal.

Session Wrap-up and Archives

Once your session concludes, you can choose to email your files or transfer them to your personal device for convenient listening. We maintain an archive of all recording sessions conducted at our studio, ensuring you always have access to your recordings. Should you require assistance in accessing our archives, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you have any questions regarding the booking process for a session, feel free to reach out to us. Alternatively, you can proceed with booking your session right away. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional recording experience in our studio.