Vita D in Hopsin contest

We’re thrilled to announce that Suburban Pro Studios artist Vita D has recorded a brand new song for the Don’t Fu$k Up Our Beats contest IV! Teaming up with the talented producer Joe Grant, Vita D has crafted a track that showcases his unique style and creativity.

But that’s not all – Vita D has also collaborated with the renowned videographer Matthew Sawicki to shoot a captivating video for his contest entry. Filmed at Suburban Pro Studios and under the iconic St. Louis Arch, this video provides a glimpse into Vita D’s world and captures the essence of his music.

Now, it’s your turn to show your support! Check out Vita D’s video for a taste of his talent and be sure to vote for him in the contest if you’re feeling his track. Your vote could make all the difference in helping Vita D rise to the top and secure a win!

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to support local talent and be a part of Vita D’s journey. Watch the video, vote for Vita D, and let’s show the world what Suburban Pro Studios artists are capable of!

Vita D - Burn It Up (Don't Funk Up Our Beats Contest IV)