Tracking With Dance Floor Riot

Exciting news from Suburban Pro Studios! Dance Floor Riot kicked off their recording session over the weekend, laying down tracks for their highly anticipated new record. With drums and keyboards in tow, the band worked tirelessly to capture their signature sound and energy.

Under the expert guidance of Matthew Sawicki, Seth Donnelly’s drums were expertly set up and recorded, resulting in an impressive total of 9 tracks! Joe Randoll also made quick work of laying down his keyboard parts, adding depth and dimension to the recordings.

Although they’ll be back in November to continue working on the record, you won’t have to wait long to experience Dance Floor Riot’s electrifying performances. Be sure to catch one of their shows around the STL area and witness their infectious energy firsthand.

Stay tuned for updates on Dance Floor Riot’s new record and get ready to be blown away by their latest musical offerings. This is one album you won’t want to miss!