Hey! So it’s February 3rd and the mixtape is out! You can download a copy from us for free right now! Just click the link below!

Download STLiens now!

Thanks to everyone that helped out and dropped something on the record! Here’s the tracklisting:

01 Enter Da Tyme Zone (Feat. Justin Tyme)
02 I Pop Tags (Feat. IllOne)
03 Gotta Keep Grindin (Feat. THC, LB, Shanman)
04 Straight To DVD (Feat. Justin Tyme, DerrtyBoi Montana, Sham)
05 I Can’t Stop (Feat. Junior Smalls, Corleone, Budro, Glax Tha Rippa, Milky Way)
06 PSA (Feat. Justin Tyme, Sham)
07 Interlude (Feat. Raygoss)
08 That Nip Sunny Dunn (Feat. Junior Smalls, Preach, GodScrilla)
09 Presidential 08 (Feat. Justin Tyme, DerrtyBoi Montana, Ray Goss)
10 Obama Kush (The Extended Presidential Remix Feat. Justin Tyme, THC, Corleone, Pheve, CStarr)
11 Get High (Feat. THC, LB, Shanman)
12 Frolude (Feat. Afroman)
13 Damn It’s So Hard To Be Beautiful (Feat. Fufops, Lil Chief, IllOne)
14 Hands of Tyme (Feat. Justin Tyme)
15 Tryin To Get It (Feat. Junior Smalls, Costlofobic, Gena)
16 The Truth (Feat. DerrtyBoi Montana)
17 Frontin (Feat. Ray Goss)
18 Better Way (Feat. Justin Tyme)
19 Keep Ya Head Up (Feat. Justin Tyme, Ray Goss, Sham, Random Thought)

Check it out and let us know what you think! If you like it, tell your friends!