LOOPRAT | How Live?

Wayback Wednesday: How Live? by LOOPRAT

The LOOPRAT album “How Live?” is a captivating fusion of jazz and hip-hop, featuring the unique sound of an 11-piece live band. Released on August 26, 2016, the album showcases the band’s diverse talents and musical influences. Recorded, mixed and mastered by the skilled hands of Matthew Sawicki, the album is a testament to the band’s commitment to high-quality sound production.

The album opens with “The New Edition”, a groovy and melodic track featuring the band’s instrumentalists and MC’s trading verses over jazzy horns and a catchy beat. “Life’s Work” follows with a smooth and introspective flow, while “All The Way Live” highlights the band’s exceptional live performances and tight grooves. “Live and Learn” slows things down with a contemplative tone and thoughtful lyrics.

LOOPRAT | All the Way Live | Official Video

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Through The Gradient”, an epic 8-minute journey through shifting rhythms and dynamic melodies, showcasing the incredible range and musical dexterity of LOOPRAT. The album also features brief interludes like “Mind That I Found Mine” and “Always Never There”, adding a layer of depth and atmosphere to the overall listening experience.

The exceptional production of “How Live?” is a testament to the band’s commitment to authenticity and precision. The album’s quality stems from a meticulous approach that involved high-quality recording and monitoring systems, ensuring every note and nuance was captured with fidelity and accuracy. By leveraging top-notch monitoring equipment, the band created an immersive recording environment that allowed for a finely tuned performance, setting the stage for a captivating listening experience.

A key factor in the album’s success was the streamlined approach LOOPRAT used for the mixing and mastering process. Opting for a single engineer to handle the entire recording minimized the back-and-forth often associated with multiple hands in the production. This singular approach not only facilitated consistency in the sonic landscape but also streamlined decision-making, ensuring a cohesive and unified sound throughout the album.

The band’s decision to record “How Live?” as a live-tracked endeavor, rather than relying on overdubbing, speaks volumes about their dedication to capturing raw energy and genuine performances. This approach injected an unparalleled authenticity into the recording, capturing the organic interplay between band members and the spontaneous moments that characterize live performances. This allows for an unfiltered and immersive auditory experience that truly reflects the band’s dynamic prowess on stage.

These technical choices and methods employed in the production of “How Live?” not only showcased the band’s technical proficiency but also underscored their commitment to delivering an album that authentically represents their live sound, cementing their position as a standout force in the vibrant Saint Louis music scene.

LOOPRAT | Live and Learn | Official Video

Overall, “How Live?” is an impressive album that showcases LOOPRAT’s unique sound and exceptional musicianship. It’s a testament to the band’s dedication to their craft and their commitment to high-quality sound production, all captured masterfully by the talented Matthew Sawicki.