ShannMann “Burn One”

We’re excited to announce the release of ShannMann’s latest video, “Burn One”! This powerful tribute pays homage to artists lost to the game and passed on, featuring heartfelt performances by Mrs. Thoroughbred & Redd Carlione.

Crafted with passion and dedication, the video was put together by the talented Matthew Sawicki. Through his creative vision and meticulous attention to detail, Matthew has brought ShannMann’s vision to life in a visually stunning and emotionally resonant way.

Experience the magic of “Burn One” and delve into ShannMann’s music on his ReverbNation page. And don’t forget to check out more of Matthew Sawicki’s captivating videos on YouTube, where his talent shines through in every frame.

Join us in celebrating the release of “Burn One” and pay tribute to the legacy of artists who have left an indelible mark on the music industry. This is one video you won’t want to miss!