Indyground releases The Eye

The homies over at Indyground have just released their new video for their song The Eye. This track’s production was handled by Ben Bounce and Matthew Sawicki, and features DJ Mahf on the scratches. Farout, Dallas, and Steddy P all joined forces on this track to represent their Indyground crew. JBomb and Mathias also made cameos in the performance! The video was shot by Steddy P and Matthew Sawicki, and Matt handled the editing work as well.

This video really worked out because we were able to shoot it in a couple of Peat Wollaeger‘s art installations, which mesh perfectly with Indyground and The Eye!

Be sure to head over to Steddy P’s bandcamp page to download this track for free right now! Also, make sure you check out the rest of the Indyground lineup!