Heir To The Throne - Rt-FaQ

Heir to the Throne From RT-FaQ available now!

Doorway has been extremely busy releasing two records in the span of two weeks this month! The homie RT-FaQ has dropped his latest “Heir to the Throne” celebrating his son turning one year old. Showcasing the mind of a young black man during the times of a pregnancy, this concept album also promotes lessons that he wants his son to learn as he grows up and listens to the album later on in life. It features appearances by Veo Chillz, Whiteout, L-Gifted, SD the Dizzle Man, Nato Caliph, Legend Camp, and special appearances of Royale’s older brother Jordin and also his mother.

This record was mastered by Matthew Sawicki in the Bruce Lee room at Suburban Pro.