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New Release: Fallen King by Thi’sl

Thi’sl, a native of St. Louis, recently collaborated with Suburban Pro Studios, choosing the Bruce Lee room for mixing tracks from his latest album, “Fallen King.” This collaborative effort spanned an intense two-week period where meticulous attention was devoted to perfecting every element of the tracks. The outcome was nothing short of remarkable—an album that not only resonates but commands attention with its impeccable production and riveting narratives.

“Fallen King” is a dynamic album that traverses a spectrum of emotions and themes. From commanding anthems like Dream Team to reflective pieces like Keep Grinding, Thi’sl delivers a compelling narrative that delves into introspection and inspiration. However, one track that stands apart in its audacious departure from the norm is Chicago – Detroit. This unconventional piece embraces a chaotic production style, coupled with bold vocals and a structure that defies convention, predominantly featuring enthralling verses.


Suburban Pro Studios’ role in refining the tracks for “Fallen King” speaks volumes about its commitment to delivering exceptional results. The collaboration with Thi’sl was more than just a mixing process—it was a meticulous and creative journey, where each note was meticulously crafted to bring out the essence of the album. The partnership between Thi’sl and the studio’s skilled engineers led to a sonic masterpiece that captivates listeners with its rich soundscapes and engaging narratives.

Thi’sl’s musical prowess finds validation in the chart success of “Fallen King.” The album’s impressive positions on various Billboard charts—debuting at #4 on Gospel Albums, #11 on Christian Albums, and #11 on Rap Albums—underscore its wide-ranging appeal and impact. Additionally, securing the #19 spot on Independent Albums and #115 on the Billboard 200 Chart solidifies Thi’sl’s stature as a prominent figure in the music industry.

The recognition garnered by “Fallen King” on the Billboard charts is a testament to Thi’sl’s artistry and Suburban Pro Studios’ dedication to delivering top-tier results. It’s not just about chart positions; it’s about the culmination of a collaborative effort that breathes life into music. The album’s success is a celebration of Thi’sl’s storytelling prowess and the studio’s ability to bring his vision to fruition, creating an immersive and impactful musical experience for audiences.

Suburban Pro Studios takes immense pride in contributing to the success of “Fallen King.” The collaboration exemplifies their ethos of cultivating creativity and nurturing artists’ visions. The studio’s commitment extends beyond providing state-of-the-art facilities—it’s about building relationships and crafting sonic narratives that leave a lasting impression. Thi’sl’s “Fallen King” isn’t just a record; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the seamless fusion of artistry and expertise.

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You can get more info about Thi’sl and his label, Full Ride Music Group, from his website: IAmThisl.com