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Our studio is available anytime of day by appointment.
Morning, evening, or overnight are all available with
Engineers to guide your session.
Music, Voiceovers, Podcasts… you name it!
Book your studio time online now and bring your dreams to life.

No Studio Yet?

No Problem.

Freelance sessions available for Artists looking for a place to
work from. 24/7 booking so you can work during your prime time.
Use all of our boutique gear without having to worry
about maintenance or any other headaches!
Get familiar with a real recording studio on your own or
craft your hits at your pace. It’s all up to you!

Use Our Studio

Like It’s Yours.

Bring in whatever equipment you have to interface with ours!
Beat machines, laptops, microphones… you can utilize it here!
We have plenty of patches and other cables to
get you connected.


Not A Problem.

Be as loud as you want, whenever you want.
No worries about the hour!
Our studios are treated to keep you isolated from the rest of the world.
No matter what else is going on, you will be able to focus on your art.

RIAA Certified

2x Platinum

We mix records for the radio. Release your album or single independently and sound like the majors! Whether you record yourself at home, used a different studio to cut the record, or need to start from scratch… we can take you to the top! Near or far, we’ve got you covered.


Across the globe

Use our private studio to connect with your audience around the world! We have space for local guests, connections for phone and internet calls, and a beautiful space to keep your look on point. Run the session yourself, or have one of our experienced Engineers guide you along your path to greatness.

Suburban Pro Studios

Established in 2006

We are a 2,000 square foot facility in Saint Louis, Missouri.
Featuring 2 control rooms, 2 live rooms, and 2 vocal booths all acoustically
treated and designed to bring out the best recordings.

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Check out a list of our gear and equipment available in each studio.

Check out some views of our spaces

The pictures below show off our different areas that you can use in the studio!

The downstairs studio control room
Downstairs Studio – Recording/Mixing/Mastering
Our downstairs studio hosts a Pro Tools HD system,  PMC and Yamaha monitors, RME converters and a stunning rack of world class outboard.
Our Fender Rhodes electric piano
Downstairs Live Room – Tracking Studio
Our downstairs live room offers plenty of space for a band. Treated and tuned for a great live recording, we have a great collection of instruments and equipment for you to use!
The downstairs studio vocal booth
Downstairs Vocal Booth – Isolated Booth
With lighting to set the mood, our vocal booth keeps you isolated from the rest of the studio. Plenty of space for playing a guitar or isolating amplifiers as well.
A view of the upstairs control room workspace
Upstairs Studio – Recording/Mixing/Mastering
Our upstairs studio hosts a Pro Tools HD system,  PMC and Yamaha monitors, Focusrite converters and a stunning rack of world class outboard.
The podcasting room in the upstairs studio
Upstairs Live Room – Podcasting Studio
Our podcasting room features 2 SM7s, 2 Rode Procasters, and plenty of headphone outputs for everyone to produce great content.
A microphone in the upstairs vocal booth
Upstairs Vocal Booth – Isolated Booth
Our upstairs booth is the perfect size to cut vocals or track amplifiers. Set the mood with full spectrum LED color lighting.

The home of musicians.

We understand that the best art comes from the best environment. We have designed our studio to provide everything you need for success. From audiophile level monitoring systems, both live and dead recording areas, instruments for you to use explore, even down to a 24/7 convenient mart located directly next door. You’re covered!

To make great music you need great surroundings.

That starts with a combination of top-notch gear and comfortable work areas. As well as smart and capable staff who can work with artists of any level. If you’re demoing new songs, or recording your double LP dream, we are able to help you complete your vision. The studios both have unique and boutique gear and instruments along with all of the state of the art tools you’d expect and need for your project.

We have Engineers to work with Artists at every stage of their career.

Have a look through our collection of Engineers and see who you think might fit best for your project!

If you have any questions at all about the recording process or our studios, don’t hesitate to call or reach out to our Senior Engineer, Matthew Sawicki, to get help navigate you through!

Our Clients

  • Tef Poe
  • Basement Beats
  • Tef Poe
  • Murphy Lee
  • Huey
  • Nelly
  • Bates
  • Black Spade
  • T Dubb O
  • Tok
  • Fresh Produce STL
  • PBS
  • Fresco Kane
  • Doughboy
  • P.R.E.A.C.H.
  • Ray Goss
  • G The Singer
  • Family Affair
  • Rockwell Knuckles
  • Trifeckta

Our Engineers

At Suburban Pro Studios we believe that the caliber of your Engineers & Producers are just as important as the quality of the studio you work in.

Engineer / Owner
Matthew Sawicki is an experienced audio engineer and the one of the owners of Suburban Pro Studios. He is known throughout the Saint Louis music scene by many aliases, but one fact remains constant and indisputable: he knows his craft. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, he has developed a reputation for his technical expertise and ability to produce high-quality audio recordings. He specializes in recording, mixing, and mastering for a variety of genres, including hip-hop, rap, R&B, and pop.

Engineer / Owner
Carter McKee is an incredible Engineer and musical mind. Carter started recording bands 15 years ago, which provided him with years of experience by the time he was old enough to make a serious go at the recording business. He has racked up credits with Sony BMG and Jive, working with Huey’s the Camp Boyz, as well as Family Affair and The Force. A guitarist in notable St. Louis rock group The Mhurs, he’s no stranger to the music scene in STL.

Eric Farlow, also known as Farout, is a talented audio engineer at Suburban Pro Studios. Eric began self-engineering at just 16 years old and has since become an invaluable member of the team. He has recorded ten albums of his own and has worked with numerous artists in a variety of genres, including rap, pop, punk, and R&B.

Matt F Basler
“Our album came out sounding EXACTLY like we wanted. I’ve been to other studios that slap their same template mix on everything. Suburban Pro is the exact opposite experience. These guys listen to and understand a wide variety of music and take on every project as its own unique thing. This is stuff we dreamed about getting when we “got a record deal” and now we’re funding it ourselves.”
– Matt Basler of Tok
Fighouse Production image
“I’ve been dealing with Suburban Pro for almost 11 years now and I’m more than satisfied with all services received. The whole staff is amazing and they do a professional job on anything you’re working on, from recording, mixing, shooting videos and editing. I recommend this studio to anyone coming in from out of town to any local artist. The value you get of the work you do is remarkable and there’s no other studio in St. Louis that even comes close to comparison.”
– Sharif Ead of Fighouse Productions
Tef Poe
“Small budget? But searching for a big sound? Matthew Sawicki and Suburban Pro the ONLY people I trust on these levels. We worked on War Machine from top to bottom together..I wrote most of the records on the spot at the studio..If theres a sound or technique I heard in my head he helped me put it on wax. Run DMC had Rick Rubin ..Tef Poe has Matt Sawicki. Patronize his business all day everyday. Suburban Pro Studios.”
– Tef Poe