Matt F Basler
“Our album came out sounding EXACTLY like we wanted. I’ve been to other studios that slap their same template mix on everything. Suburban Pro is the exact opposite experience. These guys listen to and understand a wide variety of music and take on every project as its own unique thing. This is stuff we dreamed about getting when we “got a record deal” and now we’re funding it ourselves.”
– Matt Basler of Tok
Fighouse Production image
“I’ve been dealing with Suburban Pro for almost 11 years now and I’m more than satisfied with all services received. The whole staff is amazing and they do a professional job on anything you’re working on, from recording, mixing, shooting videos and editing. I recommend this studio to anyone coming in from out of town to any local artist. The value you get of the work you do is remarkable and there’s no other studio in St. Louis that even comes close to comparison.”
– Sharif Ead of Fighouse Productions
Tef Poe
“Small budget? But searching for a big sound? Matthew Sawicki and Suburban Pro the ONLY people I trust on these levels. We worked on War Machine from top to bottom together..I wrote most of the records on the spot at the studio..If theres a sound or technique I heard in my head he helped me put it on wax. Run DMC had Rick Rubin ..Tef Poe has Matt Sawicki. Patronize his business all day everyday. Suburban Pro Studios.”
– Tef Poe