Unleash Musical Potential: Collaborate with Matthew Sawicki at Suburban Pro Studios!

Are you ready to take your music to the next level? Look no further than Matthew Sawicki, an accomplished audio engineer with a knack for turning raw talent into chart-topping hits. With over 20 years of professional experience in recording, mixing, and mastering, Matthew has worked with renowned local artists and producers, including Tef Poe, Bates, Tank the Machine, The Knuckles, and many more.

Platinum Hits and Beyond

One of Matthew’s remarkable achievements includes recording the sensational track “Pop Lock and Drop It” back in 2005, which soared to incredible heights and earned him a coveted RIAA 2x Platinum award. His expertise extends across a diverse range of genres, with a specialization in hip-hop, rap, R&B, and pop. Moreover, Matthew’s deep understanding of soul, funk, and Afrobeat from the ’70s adds a unique flavor to his productions.

Precision Monitoring for Perfection

When you choose to collaborate with Matthew at Suburban Pro Studios, you gain access to state-of-the-art facilities equipped with PMC and Focal monitoring systems, ensuring unparalleled precision and accuracy in your sound. Every sonic detail will be meticulously captured and fine-tuned to create a captivating listening experience.

A Passion for Collaboration

What sets Suburban Pro Studios apart is its unwavering commitment to artistic collaboration. Matthew’s easy-going nature and passion for music make him a perfect partner to bring your artistic vision to life. The studio prides itself on fostering an environment where engineers and artists seamlessly merge their creative energies to produce exceptional results. Your unique style and creative input will be cherished and elevated throughout the entire production process.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Whether you prefer to work remotely or immerse yourself in the creative atmosphere of the studio, Matthew welcomes both options with open arms. Harness the power of modern technology and collaborate with Matthew from the comfort of your own space, or join him in the studio to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant energy and professional expertise.

Secure Your Spot

Ready to embark on your musical journey? Booking your time with Matthew Sawicki at Suburban Pro Studios is just a click away. You can book directly on our website to secure your spot and witness the transformation of your music like never before. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with an industry-leading audio engineer and take your music to new heights.

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