Thi’sl’s “Fallen King” hits the charts hard!

Recently, St. Louis native Thi’sl came through Suburban Pro to have tracks from his new album “Fallen King” mixed in our main studio, the Bruce Lee room. We spent about two weeks perfecting the final mixes, sparing no details in this absolute BANGER of a record!

From powerful anthems like Dream Team to introspective cuts like Keep Grinding that have you checking your own decisions in life, this record is full of insight and inspiration. One of my favorite songs on the release is Chicago – Detroit, mostly for its chaotic production, heavy vocals, and atypical structure. I’ve really become a fan of songs that don’t just follow the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure, and this one is almost entirely made of verse!

The album has had fantastic success on the Billboard charts, debuting at #4 on Billboard Gospel Albums, #11 on Billboard Christian Albums, #11 on Billboard Rap Albums, #19 on Independent Albums, and #115 on the Billboard 200 Chart. We’re proud to have such a great album mixed at our studio, and we encourage you to check Thi’sl and his music out!

View Thi’sl’s “Fallen King” on iTunes!

You can get more info about Thi’sl and his label, Full Ride Music Group, from his website: